“The Emperor’s New Groove” – Archie About FIM EWC #3

Hello everyone in the new year, 2024 – on the occasion of the new year, I would like to wish everyone that this year will be successful for you – fulfillment of dreams and striving to improve yourself.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” New Rebranding of FIM EWC

As we enter the new year, 2024, promoter Warner Bros. Discovery Sports decided to change its graphic design and present itself from a new side – for 10 years Discovery Sports Events (formerly Eurosport Events – author’s note) has been the promoter of one of the three most important motorcycle track series in the world. The modernized project was based on the previous logo presented in 2015, based on a clock and an abbreviation used in motorsport – EWC. The rebranding of the logo involved changing the geometry of the clock, the inscription and focusing on the colors that symbolize the three most important times of the day – Day, evening and night. The rebranding was also based on the website, where the new look is presented and the future line-up of teams taking part in the FIM EWC World Championship will certainly be presented.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, managing director of EWC at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Events, says a few words:

While we achieved a striking, modern look, we wanted it to be an evolutionary process, not a revolution, that would reflect the development of the championship over the last 10 years without losing its DNA. That’s why we worked hard to ensure that everything we refreshed in terms of design was consistent with the essence of EWC. We now have a clear visual identity that highlights the personality and appeal of the championship, celebrating our first 10 years of bringing our broadcasting expertise and resources to EWC.

For the CYRKGP.PL editorial team, we asked Paweł Płocharski – a person who creates beautiful graphic designs for many projects related to computer games – I asked him a question – “Does the new FIM EWC logo fit in with current trends?

“It fits perfectly into the current trends of simplification and minimalism. This is a trend that has been visible for several years, especially in the automotive industry, where most brands have simplified and “flattened” their logos. Here, the font has been kept and the name is underlined, more attention is paid to it than to the tachometer – in my opinion, it’s a plus because it will be more legible on smaller surfaces.

Archie’s opinion: What can I say – at the beginning I was a bit negative because I got used to this “Chrome” Logo, but looking at it for a longer time, it fits into the trends and I like the logo of the series – changes are sometimes necessary and I am happy that I can talk about them to write!

TRT27 – New Armaments for 2024

The TRT27 team managed by Eric Tanesie is switching from Suzuki to Honda in the 2024 season, receiving support from French Honda and AZ Moto, and additionally receiving support from two people associated with the FIM EWC – Terry Rymer and Mark Smith-Halvorsen. Additionally, for the 2024 season, there are currently two Riders from Great Britain who joined TRT27 in the 2023 season – Tom Oliver and Tom Ward – the team will announce the composition of the next two Riders in the near future.

This is what the team says about the changes and the 2024 season

After finishing seventh this season, our best in the FIM Endurance World Cup, we realized that our equipment and resources needed to be refreshed if we wanted to consistently stand on the podium. To this end, we have formalized our partnership with Terry Rymer, 1992 EWC champion, and Mark Smith-Halvorsen, team principal in the British Superbike Championship, to add more experience and resources to the team. Terry will lead our new team of riders, while Mark will bring his technical and commercial skills to TRT27.

We have the support of Honda France and AZ Moto to ensure we have the best to build competitive machines, the category-leading CBR1000RR-R SP. With reliability, minimal fuel consumption and increased power, we have all the advantages.

Archie’s opinion: The changes that have started in TRT27 since that year clearly show that the team wants to be among the top teams in the SuperStock class – technical support from Terry and Mark can pave the way for them to reach the top positions in the 2024 season – but let’s remember, they are not the only ones who reinforce and sign contracts with Honda.

Green Power from private teams at the factory – #11 Kawasaki Racing Team

After the departure of Randy De Puniet to KM99 and the disastrous selection of two other Riders by the Japanese – a particularly large rotation of Japanese Riders, including the experienced Kazuki Watanabe, the KWT team decided to put their cards on experience rather than nationality – Gregory Leblanc joined the team that had already started on Bol Do’r and also to the KWT join Christian Gamarino and Roman Ramos. Christian received the “Golden Ticket” to the factory team after a great performance in the 2023 season, where, together with the #33 Team Louit April Motos, he won the World Cup in the Superstock class on a Kawasaki. Roman Ramos, a new participant in the FIM EWC, where he showed his good side during the 2023 24H SPA EWC Motos in the #4 Tati Team.

This is what the riders say one by one:

I am honored to be a co-driver for the Kawasaki Webike Trickstar team in the upcoming season. My goal has always been to get into the EWC category with an official team, and riding the number 11 Kawasaki is a dream. Grégory Leblanc and Román Ramos are fast teammates with whom I feel very good. I want to thank the entire Kawasaki team for this opportunity. I can’t wait to get started.” – Christian Gamarino

I wanted to try, see a different path to my future. I love racing, I love motorcycles and I’m lucky to be able to enjoy it, but I also want to do more things and one of them is EWC. I want to continue on this path.” –Roman Ramos

Román and Christian are two very fast riders. I can’t wait to start riding this beautiful green machine with them. Thank you for everything.” – Gregory Leblanc

Archie’s opinion: The reinforcements in KWT are so extensive that there is nothing to say – after falling off the bike in the 2023 season, the Japanese picked up their toys and stopped taking inexperienced Japanese riders into the project – Let’s be honest, the seats in the factory teams are not for a passport, but for for SUCCESS and the Japanese understood this – hopefully it will be good for them.

Wójcik Racing Team – New Livery for the 2024 Season

In recent days, Wójcik Racing Team presented the livery for the 2024 season – following the example of HRC Honda in World Superbike – we can notice some details such as – The logo of Squadron 303 – the Squadron that fought proudly in the “Battle of Britain”. The team will also continue to be supported by the PKN Orlen concern and the Diverse clothing brand, which had the opportunity to cooperate with another motorsport project, Inter Europol Competion.

Archie’s opinion: I hope that Manager Sławomir Kubzdyl will ensure cooperation with Diverse so that the team clothing is also available for fans to buy, because that’s what everyone would like!

Motobox Kremer resets its lineup for 2024

One of the most experienced private teams in FIM EWC, led by “Hulk Hogan EWC” Manfred Kremer – Motobox Kremer Racing #65 decided to rely on their compatriots for the 2024 season – Daniel Rubin remains in the team and will be joined by – Dominic Vincon – for many years rider in LRP Poland, where he was a pillar of the Polish team, Marco Fetz – rider in the German IDM in the Superbike class, Bastian Ubl – also a rider in IDM but in the Supersport 600 class. Dominik Vincon has the most experience of the four, who has been a rider since 2015 active Rider in FIM EWC – Bastian and Marco will make their debut in Endurance and Daniel start in 2023.

Motobox Kremer was one of the few teams that took part in the FIM EWC in all rounds, finishing in 11th place, of which it was the 6th best private team in the 2023 season in the EWC class.

Archie’s opinion: Motobox Kremer is one of the few teams that have been competing for many years and constant cooperation with Yamaha works – sometimes better and sometimes worse, as in Endurance – but here I can say clearly – Manfred chose the youth of the Riders, Dominik’s experience and starting together under the German flag – I am glad that Manfred will use Dominik’s services – he is an experienced rider who deserves a place in the FIM EWC Paddock.

Little information from the paddock – “Small Endurance”

From time to time, there will be a small piece of information collected in several places – Small Endurance – where I will present in a few words about minor changes that were announced by the Riders themselves, or that occurred somewhere in the thicket of the “cucumber season” in FIM EWC

Hugo Clere stays with #4 Tati Team Kawasaki, and additionally, Beringer, the brake system manufacturer, stays with #4 Tati Team.

According to reports from the paddock, the #24 BMRT 3D Maxxess Nevers team, winners of the Superstock World Cup in 2021, is moving from the Superstock class to Formula EWC, where they are to receive support from the #4 Tati Team in preparation for building a motorcycle for the Formula EWC class – it also has remain the squad from the 2023 season – Loris Cresson, Julien Pilot, Kevin Denis.

The Slider Endurance #119 team announced via its Facebook profile a photo with two Honda CBR Fireblades – this means that in the 2024 season we have another team switching from Yamaha to Honda.

Grumpy Man Motorsport Section – Honda CUP at Superstock?

From time to time, in the “Archie about FIM EWC” there may appear a “Grumpy Man Motosport section” – that is, a few words on a given topic that I will present – Are we starting to see the emergence of the “Honda Cup” in Superstocks?

In the EWC paddock I notice trends in motorcycle changes in the superstock class – while in the last few years we had a thicket of Yamahas in the paddock, this year we notice changes in Honda – some people will ask “Wouldn’t it be better to stay with one motorcycle for many years?”

Tactically, it’s true, it’s better to develop structures and gain experience in one brand, but if this brand increasingly has no intention of improving its project, which is the Yamaha R1, why should teams stay with it? The 2022 and 2023 season in particular hit the manufacturer of Motorcycles and Keyboards very hard – exploding oil filters were a nightmare for R1 – everyone tried to solve it in their own way, but only the changes introduced in cooperation with the FIM and Yamaha allowed us to find the problem, but let’s be honest – if someone I want to compete if the engine is not developed – the frame has not been developed for many years and only the fairing has been changed.

Teams riding on Suzuki are also slowly switching to other manufacturers, as we see an increasingly withdrawn brand on the way to electrification – the biggest departure was when Suzuki announced its complete exit from MotoGP and EWC as a factory, leaving SERT in hand with the potty and starting its relationship with Yoshimura.

Wójcik Racing Team, TRT27, Slider Endurance, unofficially there is talk of the next motorcycle in the EWC class with Honda, No Limits, which was transferred from Suzuki to Honda a year ago – these teams are going with the change for 2024.

Honda, ah that Honda – reliable, less fuel-burning than Yamaha and more and more developed than Yamaha – this is the future in FIM EWC and I can admit – yes, we can see the beginning of the creation of the “Honda CUP” for the 2024 season and the future of FIM EWC.

What about Yamaha? They will cope because there are other teams competing under the Yamaha brand – 3ART, Firefighters #18, PitLane Endurance #86, #13 OG Motorsport, Falcon Racing, Aviobike, TMC #35, Policemen #22 and the Dutch #16 – so we can see that we still have some of that “Blue” power but Yamaha needs a strong new 1000cc bike to catch up with the many changes that Honda and BMW have made.