„Yellow Pages of Endurance” – Archie About FIM EWC #4 

„Yellow Pages of Endurance” – Regulations for 2024 Season 

What interests me most every year between seasons are changes in the FIM EWC regulations – in the the “Yellow Pages” of Rules and Legal Tips in Racing. In my short summary, I will describe what changes have taken place – there are diametric changes, and there are some that can be called “cosmetic”

1. No more possibility of starting the motorcycle using the clutch lever.
 From the 2024 season, the motorcycle cannot be started using a switch connected to the clutch lever or a created system – from then on, starting only with the starter – but it is still possible to change the position anywhere, but it must be a separate button. The solution that could be used earlier made it easier to start for individual teams that used the system and started in atomic time (see SERT) – for some this is a cosmetic change, but for me it is an important change because now we will see how the teams that they used such toys. 
2. 4 riders in Superstock – APPROVED and what it looks like.
According to the predictions and confirmed information that I included in Archie about FIM EWC #2, in the Superstock class we have the opportunity to start 4 riders during the race, BUT only in the 24-hour race – in 8-hour and 12-hour races, 4 cannot be used. In the case of the class EWC still has a maximum number of 3 riders during the race, but in the case of 24 hours, you can have a reserve rider who can be used an hour before the race – in the infographic I will present what it will look like in more detail in a simple way – how many maximum drivers can you have during a given type of race (where we assume in advance that we will start with the maximum squad)

Type of Race  Superstock  Formula EWC
8H 3 Riders on Race  3 Riders on Race
12H 3 Riders on Race 3 Riders on Race
24H 4 Riders on Race 3 Riders + 1 Reserver

Due to this situation, the qualifications are also changing – first, the qualification time limit is increased from 108% to 110% – how does it work in more detail: 

For a driver to qualify for the race, he or she must stay within the time limit of 110% of the best time in their group (riders qualify in groups determined by armbands) and in their class – which means slower riders have a greater chance of qualifying for the race. There is still a rule about calculating the average time from the two best riders in the team – so to take the easier route for explanation, let’s assume that we are in Le Mans and we are riding in the Superstock class with 4 riders – two have to set the best time they can and the other two simply must not be worse than the best in its qualifying group than 110% 

Additionally, there are still tire limits for qualifying – there is an allocation of stickers that must be applied when going to the track during qualifying – so as not to extend – in the second table I present what it looks like in more detail.

Numbers of Riders Superstock Formula EWC
2 5 Stickers 5 Stickers
3 7 Stickers 7 Stickers
4 9 Stickers

For many years, the last race was governed by its own law, which was a mandatory 1.5x multiplier of the nominal classification in a given type of race – from 2024, we throw away this rule and follow the normal points mode – of course, there are additional points for the top 5 in the qualification and top 10 for teams in two classes: 8H and 16H. The SuperStock class this year is taking the initiative to count the three best results in points and the 8H Suzuki is counted in SuperStock for the first time in history – which means that Japanese teams only need to fly to Le Mans and Bol D’or and at home Suzuka will go and have the opportunity to fight for the title without going to 8H Spa – the same applies to European teams, but I bet that several teams will visit the cherry blossom country to fight until the end. 

4. No more pushing your motorcycle to the finish line.
We have seen many times that the motorcycle was pushed to the finish line – here LRP Poland had a memorable action at Bol Do’r 2021, where on the end of the race they push bike to the end and finish the race. From 2024, the regulation is clear – the motorcycle must complete it on its own wheels and while driving through the finish line within 5 minutes of the winner crossing the race – I agree here, because it was a legal loophole to fight to the end even though the engine was not working.

5. Smaller changes.
Without further ado, smaller changes are designed to close some aspects completely: 
For a rider to count in the general classification, he must take part: 
in 2 races and at least 1 lap completed during the race 
in 3 races and at least 1 lap completed during the race 
– LIPO (lithium polymer) batteries banned 
– from 2025, gear ratios must be homologated by the FIM 
– Chest and Back Protector with Homologation 
– Composite rims banned, even though they are approved by the manufacturer as factory ones 
– Leaders of the STK and EWC classification have priority in selecting boxes for the next round. 
– Designated official Track Walk 
– You cannot have 2 transponders

LRP Poland Says “We are taking a one-year break” – but is it a one-year break?

For Polish FIM EWC fans for many years, there has always been an internal fight between Wójcik Racing Team and LRP Poland, but in friendly tones – but at the end of January we got the so-called Atomic bomb from LRP Poland. The team, led by Bartłomiej Lewandowski, announces a one-year break – this will be the first year since 2016 where we will not see the number #90 with the Polish flag 

Our preparations for the 2024 season were very advanced and our plans were ambitious. We have just returned from training in Spain. We have a very strong, international team and solid support from our long-term partners, with the Pirelli brand at the forefront. Unfortunately, we cannot receive the power units on time and we are not able to fight in the FIM EWC. This is a huge blow for us, because the entire team was counting on fighting for high positions in the world championship. This season we will focus on competing in the Polish championship and the European Alpe Adria series, while working on returning to the World Championships in 2025.” – These were the words of Barłomiej Lewandowski on the Team’s Facebook page.

What does it mean? That the only representatives from Poland will be WRT with two motorcycles #77 with a team of Polish Riders and #777 with good company from all over the world. 

Archie’s opinion: On the one hand, I’m a bit sad that there won’t be #90 in the FIM EWC grid, however, maybe what I’m writing now will sound a bit controversial to some, but if we don’t see LRP Poland in 2025 in the FIM EWC paddock, it will most likely be the end of this project as far as the world paddock is concerned – but we will see what the future brings. 

Tati Team goes for Honda – the “Honda Cup” club grown.

Tati Team Beringer Racing #4, after many years with Kawasaki, is switching to Honda in the 2024 season – joining teams such as Wójcik Racing Team, Slider Endurance – that are changing their motorcycle to Honda. The Tati Team will receive technical support and Honda France to prepare the motorcycle to Formula EWC specifications. In short words, Honda France sporting director Bruno Skotnicki and team principal Patrick Enjolras talk about the changes for 2024 

We are really happy to have reached an agreement with Honda France…We know Honda’s reputation for reliable products. When we look at the technical data sheet, the engine already produces 217 horsepower, three to 17 more than other engines from other brands. There won’t be much we’ll have to do to make more power or make the mechanics more reliable.” – Patrick Enjolras 

We are delighted to formalize our partnership with Tati Team Beringer Racing for the 2024 season. The Tati team is one of the big names in the EWC paddock. When we analyze their results, it turns out that they are consistent, reliable and very good drivers. For our part, we will provide technical support, like other teams, with the support of the Japanese competition department of HRC. We have the same goals: to be as high as possible in the EWC racing championship rankings and share it all with Honda teams and fans” – Bruno Skotnicki 
Hugo Clere remains in the Tati Team and Randy Krummenacher – SuperSport world champion – joins the full cycle of the FIM EWC 2024 Season.

Together with Tati Team, we have a common sponsor – the brake manufacturer Beringer. A year ago, the team was looking for a third driver at Bol D’or and I took the opportunity to compete in my first 24-hour race. I felt like I had completed eight races or half of the championship in one day. That’s why I decided to continue and I’m determined to achieve success with Tati Team.” 

Archie’s opinion: As you can see, the reinforcement in FIM EWC is in full swing – more and more teams take Honda, seeing the future with it – but the question is, do we notice the big problem of the lack of modernization in Kawasaki and Yamaha? Tati Team currently has two Riders with whom they can fight for the top positions – this is a team that can cause disruption in the field.

“Small Endurance” – short information from Paddock 

The winners of the FIM EWC World Cup in the 2023 – #33 Louit April Moto – decided to announce the line-up within a few days – Simone Saltarelli, with whom they won the world cup title, remains in the team, and in addition, riders who in the past rode for April Moto – Guillaume Antiga, David Sanchis and the new rider – acquisition from the Italian championship Flavio Ferroni.

Slider Endurance #119 confirms earlier information that they are switching from Yamaha to Honda – Honda population has increased in the SuperStock class.

No Limits #44 – a team that has been on the podium many times in the SuperStock class this year decided not to change its Riders – Alexis Masbou, Lorenzo Gabellini and Johan Nigon remain in the team and are joined by Philipp Steinmayr – who after a two-year adventure with #18 Firefighters switches from Yamaha to Honda.

How does the new Honda perform? – Artur Wielebski say about motorbike for CYRKGP.PL

Artur Wielebski, rider for the 2024 season in Wójcik Racing Team #77 Formula EWC, especially for CyrkGP, told us how the Honda was tested, where for many years Artur used a Yamaha motorcycle

Archie: This was your first ride on the new Honda CBR1000RR after upgrading from the Yamaha R1, what was it like riding the new bike and what differences do you notice?

Artur Wielebski: Yes, this is my first ride on the CBR 1000RR-R. The bike made a very good impression on me from the first laps. It drives with surprising ease. The position is slightly different than what I was used to on the R1, but very good ergonomics mean that it does not require much physical effort while riding. The engine is incredibly powerful and delivers its power very smoothly, giving you great control when exiting corners. It certainly has a lot of potential.

Archie: How are your preparations going for the new EWC season where you will be competing as the main rider for the entire FIM EWC season?

Artur Wielebski: I really appreciate that the team trusted me. That’s why I try to prepare physically as best I can. I train at the gym 3-4 times a week, and when weather conditions allow, I also try to train on a cross/enduro motorcycle.

Archie: If you had the opportunity to choose any track where an FIM EWC race would take place, which track would you choose and in what time formula: 8H, 12H or 24H?

Artur Wielebski: I have never taken part in 8-hour or 12-hour races. I took part in 24 hours and I know that it is a real marathon. I think 12 hours would be the golden mean. After all, it is a long distance, but not as “murderous” as 24 hours and at the same time with a bit of a sprint like in 8 hours. As for the track – it’s a hard choice. I really like a lot of tracks. Maybe the German Nurburgring or the Italian Imola? 😁