“30 days until the EWC rocket launch” – Archie about FIM EWC #5

We are getting closer and closer to the start of the FIM EWC season – 30 days, some will say that “there is still time” and there are people who will say “We have little time left” – but I am entering the cycle – “DEFCON 3” where we have more and more information from the teams and we can slowly prepare the full starting list for the 2024 season – I have a lot of news for you, some have already tested the motorcycles, some are ready and some are still working – so here we go.

Etolie announces full riders lineup for the 2024 season

The Etolie team is a Japanese-French team debuting in FIM EWC in the SuperStock class, where I wrote about this team in “Archie about FIM EWC #2” about two riders – Hikari Okubo and Yudai Kamei, but because Hikari has a WSBK contract could not run two races – 24 Heues Motos Le Mans and 8 Suzuka Hours – which forced the team to attract additional support. Etolie focused on Japanese riders but also with experience – The team is joined by Kazuki Watanabe, former Suzuki MotoGP test rider and EWC driver for SERT and Kawasaki Racing Team, and Kyosuke Okuda – a top driver in Japanese Superbikes. Additionally, due to the regulations in Superstock, driver number 4 is only allowed to start during the 24-hour races – Shogo Kawasaki, a young talent from Japan, will be involved.

Archie’s opinion: This is a team consisting of both fresh blood and experienced riders – such a combination may be good for the team – I think the guys will show their good side at the 1st race of the season in Le Mans.

Juniors announced, new stage for Le mans Sud Suzuki

Junior Team Le Mans Sud Suzuki is a junior team with the support of the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT) where the staff are young mechanics who are entering the motorcycle racing market gaining experience on tracks during both French Superbike and FIM EWC races – the team also announced that they will start in three rounds – in Le Mans, Spa and Bol D’or

To the team joins:

Gregory Carbonnel (upper left corner) – participant in Yamaha R3 Blu Cru, racing in FSBK and also competing in Bol D’or last year.
Vincent Ferré (top right corner) – driver competing on motorcycles since 2015, debut in Endurance in 2018.
Dorian Da-Ré (bottom left corner) – title winner in 1000cc Ultimate CUP, Bol D’or participant in the Experimental class (on Yamaha, where they rode on biofuel), and in the #121 Falcon Racing team.
Dylan Mille (bottom right corner) – Experienced rider from France, 4th place in the 2023 season in SBK in the Challenger class.

Damien Saulnier remains the team principal and says this about his new Riders:

I am glad that I can count on a young crew, because it is in line with the spirit of the Junior Team. I remember that Vincent bought us a motorcycle a few years ago. He is a driver from Sarthe who knows endurance well. Thanks to his experience, he will be the leader of the crew. Our drivers they need to relieve themselves of the pressure of performance. They need to let everything fall into place throughout the race week. We don’t have to get pole position. Winning in this category will be complicated. On the other hand, it’s important not to fall and overcome obstacles throughout the race to reach the finish line

Archie’s opinion: The junior Suzuki team is always in the Top 8 of every race it participates in – they often fight for even the podium, young blood cannot be underestimated – because this blood can harm veterans in the paddock – the team has been built for several years and the experience with young people is given every year to achieve success.

PIT-LANE Endurance – A Yamaha that can show its horns!

Pit Lane Endurance is a team that has been competing in FIM EWC for many years and has experience with Yamaha, and knowing that there are fewer and fewer Yamahas in the SuperStock class, they are becoming more and more the main target for Yamaha Support in SuperStock. This year they are taking on a mixed lineup from all over the world – Enzo Boulom moves from the EWC #14 Maco Racing class to Pit Lane Endurance and his partners will be Luca De Vleeschauwer, the young talent from TRT27 Eemeli Lahti and the Chilean driver Maximilian Scheib.

Archie’s Opinion: The team is already ready for the 2024 season, where, as you can see, they have already been on winter tests, where their average times are optimal and they can fight for high positions, defending Yamaha’s honor in the Superstock class.

Two British, a French and a Japanese – SERT in a new cover for 2024

The most successful FIM EWC team, SERT, is joined by a well-known rider from the Wójcik Racing Team, Dan Linfoot. Dan deserved his place in the factory last season, after a great performance at Suzuka, taking P4 there, where he drove with only one substitute. In the 2024 season, his replacements will be Gregg Black and Etienne Masson, who remain in SERT, and the reserve is Cocoro Atsumi, who rode in the #66/#13 OG Motosport By Sazarin team for two years and at the last round Bol D’or was a reserve in SERT.

Dan Linfoot talks about joining SERT in a few sentences:

I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to join Yoshimura SERT Motul for the 2024 World Endurance Championships. I attended selected EWC races and even had the opportunity to race a Suzuki at Suzuka and tested the GSX-R1000R and Bridgestone package. I really love endurance racing with my strategy and I’m very excited to announce my new challenge. Joining the team is something special, their history and pedigree speak for themselves and I truly believe that as a team we can only strive for victory and the EWC title. I am very motivated and proud to represent Yoshimura SERT Motul and Suzuki and I can’t wait for the season to start. Together with my experienced teammates, I am confident that we will achieve our goals. I’m excited to start working on our first tests.

Team director Yohel Kato also talks about the new lineup for the new season in the media release:

This year, in addition to Gregg Black and Étienne Masson, we welcome new rider Dan Linfoot and I am delighted to announce this. He is a perfect fit for our team thanks to his excellent performance at Suzuka and extensive 24-hour endurance racing experience. Additionally, Cocoro Atsumi was designated as both a reserve player and a development player. The technical team led by Yoshimura Japan is working hard to improve our race bike to provide riders with a faster, more powerful and more comfortable package. I believe that the drivers on the Suzuki GSX-R1000R tuned by Yoshimura will be able to show even better results than last season.

Archie’s opinion: SERT is getting stronger, but we must also remember that access to the GSX-R1000R in Europe is becoming more and more problematic – I hope that Dan, Gregg and Etienne will show their good side to defend the pride of la Sarthe!

Michael Dunlop x TRT27 – British endurance on Honda

Literally on the day the material was published, we received information – Michael Dunlop is joining TRT27, where he helps manage Terry Rymer – a multiple endurance participant and endurance world champion. The 25-time Isle of Man TT winner will join the team which will also include the British team – Ben Luxton, Tom Oliver and Tom Ward

TRT27 team manager Eric Tanesle will say this in two sentences:
We are honored to host TT legend Michael Dunlop. He has already ridden for the TT legends team in the EWC and has high ambitions to succeed in the 24 Hours of Moto at Le Mans.

Archie’s opinion: SuperStock is so armed that I can honestly say – there has NEVER been such a powerful Superstock class – many truly high-class stars – we can say clearly now – Superstock is a class where there will be a fight until the last corner and until the last minute! TRT literally went with the British lineup and it might work with Honda.


Team from France – Teamracing85 announces its lineup for the 2024 season – Christian Napoli, Johann Flammann, Hugo Girardet and Thibaud Schmidt

JMA Racing Action Bike, riding on Suzuki for many years, also changes almost its full lineup for the 2024 season – Matteo Giacomazzo is joined by Charles Cortot, Bram Lambrechts and Julien Lenoci

We have 30 days until the race – honestly, I miss this sound, emotions, sweat, tears, fatigue, getting the most out of my body – I’m sure before the event I’m preparing a prelude for you before the first race and it will be in #6 Archie about FIM EWC

I also wish easter wishes to everyone who reads and see you after the holidays before the competition!